Rules 2004

Anniversary Links

    • The ToM 1st Anniversary Racing Competition will be several short races on all winning tracks of last year. There is no registration required. Simply race, submit your files and you are in. You don't have to take part in all rounds, but you should do so, if you want to be competitive for the championship.
    1. You are responsible that the settings satisfy the regulations.
    2. The competition will race under following settings:
      1. Tyre wear: 20%
      2. Fuel consumption 20%
      3. Fuel mass: 50 kg
      4. Damage: 20%
      5. Race length: 5km
      6. Game speed: 100%
    3. The AI settings are this:
      1. Driver: Gold, AI driver skill: 105
      2. Driver: Silver, AI driver skill: 100
      3. Driver: Bronze, AI driver skill: 95
    4. You can adjust all the rest of the settings (e.g. resolution, volume) to your own needs.
    5. There are to ways to get a proper installation. Simply follow the instruction, which you prefer.
      1. Download GeneRally at the official page. Unzip/Install it in a seperate folder on your computer.
      2. Download the competition customise pack "Classic". Unzip it into the main directory of your newly created GR competition installation. Confirm requests concerning overwriting files.
      3. Start this application of GR and create a human driver with name, colours and steering configuration of your choice.
      OPTIONS EDITOR (for users of Juan's Options Editor V1.01.1)
      1. Download the competition customise pack "Options Editor". Unzip it into the main directory of your common GR installation.
      2. Import the "ToM competition.gro" file, to find in your main GR directory now, into the Options Editor and confirm the request concerning creating new drivers.
      3. Additionally enable your personal driver on the "Drivers" tab and save the setting.
      You are responsible that all the settings are right. So even if they theoretically should be alright now, check them.
  3. RACE
    1. Before you race make sure all settings satisfy the regulations.
    2. The competitor car has to be selected first. That means that your car informations are on the outer left side while racing.
    3. You have to select all the delivered AI drivers (Gold, Silver and Bronze) to race with you.
    4. You have use one of GR's standard cars. All AI drivers have to use the same car as you use.
    5. During the race saving and reloading is forbidden.
    6. It's not allowed to take shortcuts or to utilise obvious weaknesses of a track. Basically this means that it's not allowed to drive through the pits on regular laps or to enter/leave the pitlane to late/early when having a pit stop.
    7. Some of the tracks additional rules. This rules can be found in the schedule and have to be observed in the concerning round.
    8. When you have finished the race wait until the results ("Official Standings") appear and make a screenshot by pressing [F11] and save the replay ([Esc] -> Save).
    1. Rename the screenshot (to find in the "Screens" folder) to "raceno._yourname.bmp" and, if not already saved under that name, the replay (to find in the "Saves" folder) to "raceno._yourname.gam". Zip this two files and send it as described in rule 4.c.
    2. Since one deadline applies for several rounds it's also possible to zip screenshots and replays of more races in one zip file.
    3. All necessary race files have to be sent by e-mail to before the espiration of the deadline of the concerning round. The deadlines for all rounds are available on the schedule.
    1. The time you need to complete the race distance is basis of the valuation. The shorter it is the better is your placement in the classification of a round, of course.
    2. If a player is laped down his racing time will be approximated.
    3. For the championship all your times will be added up. The winner will be the one, who has the lowest overall racing time.
    1. The submitted files will be checked.
    2. If a breach of the rules is discovered the guilty competitor will be penalised by subtitude his racing time with the time of the slowest competitor increased by 7%.
    3. If somebody misses a race his racing time for that round will be set to the time of the slowest competitor increased by 5%. Missing a deadline is the only irregularity, which will be counted as missing the race.

Note: If there are any questions or obscurities ask!