3rd Anniversary

It's July 2006, so it's time to celebrate ToM's 3rd Anniversary. Three years ago, LWing has founded ToM - more infos on the history page.
This year ToM presents a Track Making Challenge and a new design for the ToM website, see below.

The ToM Circuit and Oval Track Making Challenge

Are you a trackmaker or would like to become a trackmaker? Then take a look at the "Special Event" page.
Many thanks to Kory Miller who organizes this competition!

new homepage design

Maybe you've already noticed that this website has got a new deign. The aim was to create a clearer and more accessable design. Mainly the menu on the left has changed. I hope you like it.

Have fun, and good luck at the Track Making Challenge ;-)

2nd Anniversary

After the ToM June 2005 election the Track of the Month Award already exists 2 years. Of course ToM could only survive with all the volunteering Voters and Nominators. Thus we want to say thank you to all those people - especially Raska, robylu and TuomoH.
As last year we (GeorgM and LWing) can offer you something new:

ToM Competition

This year we will again host a ToM competition. If you want to take part, then use the following links.

Competition Files

Download classic customising pack
Download customising pack for Juan's options editor

Please read the rules for installation instructions and further informations.

Interactive statistics

As last year there is a statistic. But there's something new; last year LWing had to calculate and write all statistics by hand. Now the table can be created by the computer which means that the statistics are updated automatically every month! In the last time GeorgM programmed this system which makes things more comfortable for you and much more stressless for us.
Link to the new statistics

ToM Information page

LWing made a very nice page for everyone who doesn't know what ToM is. If you want, you can create a link to it in your signature to advertise us. You'll get no money though.
Link to the new Information page

So we hope that you will have fun with the new features. We are happy about everyone who votes or nominates tracks.

1st Anniversary

With the end of the election of June 2004 we will complete the first dozen and on July 31st ToM will get one year old.
At first I want to thank Druid_Riven, lonesomedave, K3rmiT, sgoodwin, GeorgM and of course all the people which support Track of the Month by casting their votes. Without them we wouldn't have made it to this.

To celebrate the anniversary ToM will host a racing competition during July and August, which will be a time travel through the last twelve month. Every round will be short sprint race taking place at one of the winning tracks. Because the tracks stand in the centre of this competition only GeneRally standard cars will be allowed. The overall winner will be determined by the total racing time.
So, I want to invite all of you to join us on our journey. We will start in the week from July, 12th - 18th. You can find every information you need on the subsites, including how to set up a proper competition installation.
There will be also a site with some statistics about our first 12 elections. They will be online after the end of the 12th and last election.
See you on the track!

Anniversary Links

Competition Files

(updated: 23.08.04)

Download classic customising pack
Download customising pack for Juan's options editor
Please read the rules for installation instructions and further informations.