Annual Elections

The Annual Elections of ToM are a special event. It includes ToY (Track of the Year) and PoY (Pack of the Year). Every track and every trackpack published in that year is allowed to participate. For more details, see the rules, especially Rule 6.


Track of the Year

Election Winner Download
2014 Righto (TuomoH), Johnnys Track (TuomoH), F-Zero Tokyo Expressway (masa), Beamer GP (Piet)
2013 Sospel (Otto Wilson), Belisonde (JohnQ)
2012 Homebush Street Circuit (Maciej1)
2011 Lombon (ACM)
2010 Lingotto Pista Prove (Maciej1)
2009 Dicrette (Crowella)
2008 Villa Alpina (DiSi!)
2007 Hohenlohe (Gr8player)
2006 Stockholm (Crowella)
2005 Amber Rock (Kory Miller), Oak Meadows (TuomoH)
2004 Monaco F1 1986-2002 (SpeedFreek)

Pack of the Year

Election Winner Download
2014 World of Karts (Maciej1)
2013 F-Zero (MASA)
2012 Cure (Areen)
2011 Rally pack (Scholl)
2010 BmxSim (TuomoH)
2008 ADAC Rallye Deutschland (Bouncebackability)

Annual Elections 2014

The elections have ended so you can't vote anymore.

How to vote

You can vote for both ToY and PoY, or only for one of both elections.

Please read the rules if you haven't done that yet. The differences to the ToM rules you can find in Rule 6.

To vote, write a PM to Trigger Happy, including name and author of the tracks and/or trackpacks.

Track of the Year

There are no nominations, but you can use the podium tracks and/or the elected tracks of the ToM elections of 2014 to make your decision. Another possibility is to take the tracks you elected in 2014 as a base. Have a look at the list below.

You can vote for up to 10 (ten) tracks.

Pack of the Year

Have a look at the eligible trackpacks.

You can vote for up to 3 (three) trackpacks.