July 2003

LWing suggests the idea to vote the best track every month. The purpose of it is to sort out the mass of new tracks floating the forums every month and also to offer an incentive to work a bit harder on the tracks. The feedback is only low.

August 2003

Without knowing if the forum will accept it but with faith in the idea itself LWing starts the first election. The voting system is as simple as possible: Everyone has to post their vote in a thread. Tedminator's Alpha Racing Motorama wins the first ToM election, which 10 voters take part in. Enough to give it another try...
In the meantime the designing of the award takes place. There are a lot of good ideas, but in the end Druid_Riven's layout will make it.

October 2003

With the election of October some changes are introduced. Firstly, on suggestion and with help of David Burton (also known as lonesomdave) a list, which contains all voteable tracks, is made from now on. This shall help to keep the early released tracks of a month in mind. Lonesomedave will support ToM with the list until January 2004 and after his leaving LWing will take over this task for a short period of time.
The second change is a new voting system: the votes have to be casted via Private Message to avoid tactical votings. Lately in that month also the whole body of rules is written down.

December 2003

With the election for this month a track also has to be voted at least twice to be part of the monthly track pack.

March 2004

Because of the permanent trying to optimise the system the complex list is replaced by the nomination system suggested by sgoodwin. It's hoped that ToM can attract more people this way.

June 2004

ToM gets its own homepage. Because the nomination system seems to be unable to realise its advantages a new presentation of the nominees is introduced. Starting with that and with the help of GeorgM the complete homepage, which was planed for a while, is put into practice.

January 2005

After 18 months in duty founder LWing quitted the job as ToM manager. GeorgM and Aeon took the job and lead ToM as team from now on.

February 2005

ToM gets a new award design. You can see an example here.

March 2005

The first election for a Track of the Year got a winning track.

May 2005

Aeon exits his job as a poster of nominations. From now on GeorgM does this job.

August 2005:

The new nomination-poster is Kory Miller.

October 2005:

The ToM homepage has reached a total of 10.000 visitors.
In addition the homepage changes to a new server: from funpic to RSC.
The new link to the homepage is http://tom.rscsites.org.

May 2006:

Kory Miller ceases posting ToM nominees - Markus Möller goes on.