5th December 2016 ToM July - September 2016 results online

Another quarter - another name on the top of ToM rating. This time it's the lithuanian trackmaker marinator.

Congratulations to Maciej with the second place and to all the rest. And huge thanks to people who have voted.

1) Kyalami 1961-79 by marinator - Forum thread
2) Fuji Speedway 1974-83 by marinator - Forum thread
2) Marrakech 2016 by Maciej1 - Forum thread

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19th October 2016 ToM April-June 2016 results online

1) Nekeresd Park by kave - Forum thread
2) Mugello Circuit by Sartalas - Forum thread
3) Vaaner Raceway by Emil Patanen - Forum thread

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16th June 2016 ToM January-March 2016 results online

We're not Track of the Month anymore but Track of the Quarter, and the first ever winner in this format is... Trigger Happy! The guy went AWOL, but maybe this victory - #7 in his trackmaking history - will bring him back.

TH's Kokavah neighbors the podium with two RWLs - Willow Spring from Sartalas and Punta del Este from Maciej1. Congratulations, guys!

And huge thanks to all 17 voters this quarter!

1) Kokavah by Trigger Happy - Forum thread
2) Willow Springs by Sartalas - Forum thread
3) Punta del Este ePrix by Maciej1 - Forum thread

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15th February 2016 ToM November & December results online

1) Mexico City by Maciej1 - Forum thread
2) Road America by Lorenzo, Sartalas - Forum thread
3) Everland Speedway by Maciej1 - Forum thread

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Congrats to those great trackmakers on the podium! Thanks to the 12 voters!

Maciej1 clearly dominated in 2015, having won four out of six elections. It's like 2011 again :)

30th December 2015 ToM September & October results online

1) Aho by Bouncebackability - Forum thread
2) Quogien by G. Marques - Forum thread
2) Tenko by G86 - Forum thread

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What a great comeback from BBA! First release since May 2014 - and right to the top. But also it's a very first podium for G86 and first podium for G. Marques since August 2009.

Congratulations to the podiumers and the rest of trackmakers. And thanks to people who have voted.

6th December 2015 Annual Elections 2014 results online

The results are here!

The elections of ToY and PoY 2014 are over, we're proud to present their result to you. These are the podiums:

Track of the Year:

1) Beamer GP by Piet (6 votes)
1) F-Zero Tokyo Expressway by masa (6votes)
1) Johnny's Track by TuomoH (6 votes)
1) Righto by TuomoH (6 votes)

Results of ToY

Pack of the Year:

1) World of Karts by Maciej1 (7 votes)
2) Rally Sweden by AeroWiewiur (6 votes)
3) Car-Tracks by Scholl (5 votes)
3) EXPinmin6 by TuomoH (5 votes)

Results of PoY

Congratulations to members of both these quartets on podiums! And also to every each trackmaker whose track(pack) received a vote or more in this difficult contest.

Many thanks to all voters!

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