16th November 2008 ToM October results

A hard election is over. Many high-quality tracks were nominated, so for some the choice was very hard. So thanks to all voters for taking the time! But now, let's have a look:

1) Skerrag by JaK GR (Gr8player) - Forum thread
2) Giro d'Italia by Markus Möller - Forum thread
2) Vuoronte Road by AleksiNir and DiSi! - Forum thread

detailed results

Skerrag is the definite winner of this election with 10 votes, following by Giro d’Italia and Vuoronte Road (7 votes). When looking at the podium, the election seems to be as always, but there are much more elected tracks than normal: 29 - means, as many tracks as voters - 11 tracks got only one vote.

So, congratulations, especially to JaK GR, Markus Möller, AleksiNir and DiSi!

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