17th December 2008 ToM November results

1) Anello Alpino by DiSi! - Forum thread
1) Pau by Maciej1 - Forum thread
3) Estrada de Los MasiƱos by AleksiNir and DiSi! - Forum thread
3) Mondega '08 by P&M Studios - Forum thread

detailed results

Now look at this month! Seems like it's high season for tracks. With 27 elected tracks (and 29 in October) there's a pretty long list. And when we look at the statistics, we can see that there haven't been so many elected tracks for several years. Is this a claim of the system for more votes? But actually, we've just discussed about that.

Many congrats to DiSi! and Maciej1 who both won by far with 10 votes! I think it's in large part a fair result. Thank you for everyone who nominated and voted!

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