10th November 2004 And the Winner of October is... / New Host

Whiplash created by JimmymetaL. The voters decided that this was the best track of October and saw Mine X (Genetleman), Panzarotti (zombie), The Motoplex (Canadiens 1160) and What a Mess in the Bathroom! (Naufr4g0) on the following podium places. Congratulations guys and a very big thank you to all voters. 24 people are only 1 below the record. And because we are on topic: Canadiens equalled Markus Möller effort to get 14 votes in one month. Well done! Detailed results can be viewed in the according section.
As you perhaps noticed: We switched to a new host and thus we are able to offer all the trackpacks at this page now. I want to thank GeorgM very much, who organised the new host - but much more important - who programmed all the php-scripts, which support us to handle the page in the future. Thanks pal.

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