28th December 2009 Race Sim Central Forums is History

Today the RSC staff has announced the tragic story that RSC's hard disks are damaged and it's very questionable that they can recover the data. Therefore, they won't open the forums again. (see previous news)

This is a really sad end of RSC, and after all those downtimes in the past years, it's really sad that they didn't even have any kind of backup. Well, at least the subsites are still online, but that's a cold comfort.

As the GeneRally community, including ToM, almost fully depended on the RSC forums, it's maybe a new start. Yeah, now we have neither RSC forums, nor the track database which is down since years. So for now we have no really big server pool with tracks. Well, ToM still has many of the best tracks, but this is not even one percent of all tracks I guess.

Well, enough the long read, the GeneRally story will go on. Maybe these are hard times, but we already have a international forum, right here:
For ToM that means, we have to find a new, secure server for this site.
I hope that there will be no tragedy for GeneRally anymore. Let's do it better in future!

Best Regards for You and the whole GeneRally Community!

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