3rd April 2011 Annual Elections 2010 - results online

A very interesting election of ToY and PoY has ended. This is the podium:

Track of the Year:

1) Lingotto Pista Prove by Maciej1 (9 votes)
2) Mirabelle by Trigger Happy (7 votes)
3) Roulette by LongBow (5 votes)

Results of ToY

Pack of the Year:

1) BmxSim by TuomoH (10 votes)
2) Basic EFFECT Trackpack by egamad (8 votes)
3) Rally South Africa by Dan Hakulín (4 votes)
3) Winteria Rally by Maciej1 (4 votes)

Results of PoY

Congratulations to Maciej1, Trigger Happy, LongBow, TuomoH, egamad and Dan Hakulín!
Many thanks to all voters!

More info you can find in the thread.

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