23rd November 2011 ToM October results online

1) Suzuka by Maciej1 - Forum thread
2) Out on Park by HJ - Forum thread
3) Lakeside Park by Trigger Happy, XYY - Forum thread
3) Mexico by masto_pursi - Forum thread

detailed results

Oops, Maciej1 did it again. Once again he's on top of ToM podium with undoubtedly incredible Suzuka. It's his 6th Golden ToM this year and 10th in his trackmaking career. Congratulations! Meanwhile HJ missed the victory with only one vote, what a pity. Congratulations also go to Trigger-Happy-and-XYY's duet and masto_pursi who shared the third place. Masto_pursi has got his first ToM podium.

Thanks to all 24 voters

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