2nd October 2013 Annual Elections 2012 results online

The election of ToY and PoY 2012 has finally ended, we're proud to present their result to you. These are the podiums:

Track of the Year:

1) Homebush Street Circuit by Maciej1 (12 votes)
2) Norisring by Areen (8 votes)
3) Dijon-Prenois 1979 by Otto Wilson (7 votes)
3) Monaco 1967 by Bouncebackability (7 votes)

Results of ToY

Pack of the Year:

1) Cure by Areen (10 votes)
2) Mini F1 by Scholl (9 votes)
3) Ancareg Rally by Maciej1 (7 votes)
3) Rally pack by masto_pursi (7 votes)

Results of PoY

Congratulations to Maciej1, Areen, Scholl, Bouncebackability, Otto Wilson and masto_pursi!

Many thanks to all voters!

More info you can find in the thread.

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