25th September 2014 Annual Elections 2013 results online

The election of ToY and PoY 2013 has finally ended, we're proud to present their result to you. These are the podiums:

Track of the Year:

1) Belisonde by JohnQ (9 votes)
1) Sospel by Otto Wilson (9 votes)
3) Montjuic Park by Clutch (8 votes)
3) Silhouette City by TuomoH (8 votes)

Results of ToY

Pack of the Year:

1) F-Zero by MASA (9 votes)
3) Barum Rally by Joint Effort Rally Project (7 votes)
3) Trophee Andros by Maciej1 (7 votes)

Results of PoY

Congratulations to JohnQ, Otto Wilson, Clutch, TuomoH, MASA, Joint Effort Rally Team and Maciej1!

Many thanks to all voters!

More info you can find in the thread.

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