7th June 2015 ToM March & April results online

1) Buenos Aires ePrix by Maciej1 - Forum thread
2) Univer by Maciej1 - Forum thread
3) Feynman by TuomoH - Forum thread
3) Izumi by Haruna - Forum thread
3) Verndale by Trigger Happy - Forum thread

detailed results

Great and Powerful Maciej1 has just been set another record as he became the one and only trackmaker in GR history who won three consecutive ToM elections. Congratulations, Master! One more stunning fact about March-April election is Haruna's great comeback to trackmaking after so many years. And yes, it's his the first ever GR podium. TuomoH and TriggerHappy are more frequent guests in ToM elections and so they proved one more time their greatness.

Congratulations to all the voted trackmakers (there is another returnee - pedra!) and all the voters! Thank you guys.

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