2nd August 2015 ToM May & June results online

1) Bronzerock by Emil Patanen - Forum thread
1) Panaco by Joint Effort Team - Forum thread
3) Fraags Motodrom by Maciej1 - Forum thread
3) Norrisring by Emil Patanen - Forum thread
3) Piazza San Bob by AleksiNir - Forum thread
3) Ridgeway by Dragon - Forum thread
3) Short Beach by minuseven - Forum thread

detailed results

JE Team is back on the top of podium after more than two years! Emil meanwhile have proved one more time that GR community loves mini-versions of real-life tracks (may I remind you Bro's Hatch or Zandfaart). Our congratulations also go to Maciej1, AleksiNir, Dragon and - more of all - to minuseven, as it's his first podium ever.

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