10th July 2004 Election of July finished - Congratulations to the winners

The election ended today and we have a constellation we never had before: with GP-Pantanal by vira lata, Greutleswald by Markus Möller, Imola 1967 by sgoodwin and IseoLake by chesterfield there are four winners. I thought this can only happen, when only few people vote, but this wasn't the case. With 18 voters we surely are back in the green region. I selfishly allege that this is caused by the new website with the new representation of the nominees, which makes me happy and is a satisfaction for the work it was. Anyway, congratulations to all winners but also to the followers. It stands out, that there is a wave of new authors. Nice to see that. You can see the full results here.
With the end of the election Track of the Month completes its first year. As announced I have calculated some statistics which you can read here. It's another look on the elections and it was made for fun. Don't forget the competition which starts next week. Problems and suggestions can be discussed in the forums in this thread. There were little changes in the schedule. We now race 2 races per week only. I hope you participate.
Of course the nominees page was reseted and is now open for new entries. To nominate simply write a personal message to me in the forums.

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