13rd May 2006 ToM April election has ended / new ToM helper: Markus Möller

Here's the podium of ToM April 2006:

1) Ramp Sides by Naufr4g0 - Forum thread
1) Red Oak Int. Raceway by Kory Miller - Forum thread
3) Istanbul Speedpark by TOKIO - Forum thread

> the complete result

Congratulations to all winners and all elected tracks!

Now I'm happy about the number of voters (19) - 5 more than last month. But of course it could be more people ;-)
Thank you for voting! It is great to create the ToM results if many people vote *thubmsup*

A little note: Kory Miller is no longer ToM helper. Now Markus Möller posts the nominations on the website. So plase send your nominees to Markus - Kory won't be able to post them.

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