15th June 2006 May election ended / bigger track screenshots

Another election has reached its end. The podium:

1) Motördrom by Markus Möller - Forum thread
2) Big Stone by Naufr4g0 - Forum thread
2) mat_PalmCity by mathee - Forum thread

> the detailed result

Congratulations to all winners and all elected tracks!
Another win by Markus. No surprise, isn't it? ;-)

Now the number of voters is rising:
March: 14 - April: 19 - May: 22
Great! Thank you for all your votes!

From now on the nomination page the screenshots are bigger. So far we used 150x112px images, now it's 200x150px - I hope that's ok. Now you can see the track better.
In addition, the number of images per column is relative to the browser width. This avoids a horizontal scroll-bar in small browsers.

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