11th February 2007 Track of the Year 2006 results

After an official election duration of 3 weeks (and inofficial 4 weeks) I can proudly present what many GRers were waiting for: the results of the Track of the Year 2006!

1) Stockholm by Crowella

2) Roof Terror by Garbre

3) LurceCity by PitbullFIN
3) Nahopo by Tizio
3) Runnola by Gr8player

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I want to congratulate you to your wins! But there are also 56 other good tracks that got elected! ;-) Half of them got at least 2 votes and Stockholm even reached 11 votes! (Last year: 4 votes) As you can see, the 5-votes rule shows good effects! :-) But there were also much more voters: last year it were 19, this time it were 31 ! Due to that, the result is better staggered IMO.

So it's also necessary to say thanks to all the voters who make a good election possible, and of course to all your help e.g. nominating or suggesting rule-changes like the 5-votes rule *thumbsup*. Cheers!

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