12nd June 2007 ToM May election ended

Now the ToM May results are available and I'm quite happy about it. Firstly, we have a very nice result with 15, 14 and 9 votes on the podium - it's the second election with 15 votes for the winner - congrats! :-) But I also think that there are many different tracks like city tracks, road tracks and circuits. The more voters, the better the result: this time there were 26 voters!
By the way, we have some new successful trackmakers: onder, edbrasil, ME-tan and AndHu have a track in a ToM pack for their first time - special congrats to you!

Enouth talking, here's the result:

1) Spektor by Mikey B - Forum thread
2) Szolniak by Gr8player - Forum thread
3) Chistown by TuomoH - Forum thread

detailed results

Congratulations to everyone and thanks to all voters!

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