14th October 2007 ToM September 2007 results published

Another ToM election has ended. This was a month with many high-quality tracks, and fortunately it was a month with many voters: 31 (!) :-) There are 25 elected tracks which is quite much and which says that the decision wasn't easy. In addition we have three second places! Well here's the podium:

1) Cave Creek by future design - Forum thread
2) Apasta by Tizio - Forum thread
2) Rijeka by Gábor Kozma - Forum thread
2) Takino by Kory Miller - Forum thread

detailed results

Many congrats to future design, Tizio, Gábor Kozma and Kory Miller on the podium and all the others! Thanks to all voters!

And a tip: join the ToM S4 Competition, which celebrates a very good success in the compo forum!

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