11th November 2007 ToM October election ended

Another election has ended, and I don't know what to say about the result... It's amazing that Rockingham won with 16 votes (!!) which means that more than half of all voters (28) voted for MiltonDuPont's track! This is outstanding, but also many other tracks got many votes (I think, because of the high-quality standard this month).

1) Rockingham Motor Speedway by MiltonDuPont - Forum thread
2) Ariel City Preview by GRB - Forum thread
3) Ground 8 circuit by Ms... - Forum thread
3) Zakspeed by future design - Forum thread

detailed results

And once again many congrats to everyone, especially MiltonDuPont, and thanks to all voters and nominators and to Raska, who posts the nominees on the site and organizes the ToM Compo (Please take part!).

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