4th February 2008 Track of the Year 2007 - results published

I'm sure you're anxious to the results of ToY 2007, so here you are:

1) Hohenlohe by Gr8player (9 votes)

2) Ariel City Preview by GRB (8 votes)
2) Central Circuit by Ms... (8 votes)
2) Monaco by Gábor Kozma (8 votes)

Of course that's just the podium. Take a look at the full result.

I'd like to congratulate every trackmaker who has got a track on the list, especially to the podium! IMO it's cool that there are also successful tracks with a smaller world size, e.g. Hohenlohe!
Some stats of this election: Similar to last year, there were 32 voters with overall 155 votes for 54 different tracks. Thank you to all voters who made this possible!

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