1. Nomination Rules
    1. You can nominate a track, if it fits following rules:
      1. The author published the track in the official GR forums. It's enough if he posted a link to the download site.
      2. It was published between the 1st of the month in question 0:00 and the last day of the same month 24:00 (UTC).
      3. It's a single track. It's not allowed to nominate a whole track pack. But it's allowed to nominate a single track or several single tracks of a trackspack. Several tracks which are just variations of one track are no trackpack. Evolution Tracks are always considered as (historic) variations, but this can be contested except in the Discussion Thread.
      4. An update of an old track can't get nominated if the old track has already received an award or if the update wasn't considerable. The nomination-poster decides whether the track update is considerable or not. In every case he informs about his decision in the Discussion Thread. If other forum members take issue with the decision, it can be discussed there.
        Though every track release outside of the forums is for ToM like it wasn't released. That means if a track was firstly released in the Track Database and the author releases it in the forums, the track can be nominated, even if it's exactly the same track as in the Track Database.
    2. Every member of the official GR forums is allowed to nominate tracks.
    3. An author is not allowed to nominate an own track, except if 5 or more trackmakers worked on the track.
    4. There is no limit for the amount of nominated tracks in any other way than mentioned in the preceding rules or the amount of nominations made by the same person. Nonethless this system requieres an objective and challenging view of every participant to work properly. Thus it's may be removed at any time if abuse corrupts or only seems to corrupt it.
    5. The way to nominate a track is to write an post in the thread which is called "ToM July" for example. This thread is stickied in the tracks forum. The post should include the track name, the author and the link to the thread. All nominations will be posted in the nominees-site of this homepage before the election begins.
    6. The list of all nominated tracks will be a basis and guidance for the final election but there will be a possibility to vote tracks, which weren't nominated.
  2. Conditions For Tracks To Be Electeable
    • Every track which was nominateable according to rule 1 is also electable and every track which wasn't nominateable is also not electable.
  3. Conditions To Vote
    • Every member of the official GR forums may cast a vote. It's not necessary to know all electable tracks. It's recommended to check the nominations.
  4. Voting Rules
    1. You vote by sending a private message to Buka. Preferably this PM has a easy identifying subject like 'ToM vote'.
    2. The election lasts two weeks and starts with a post which calls for voting, posted in the ToM thread that includes the nominations for that election.
    3. Every voter can name up to five tracks. If more than five tracks were named, only the first five ones count and the rest will be ignored. Every track in a vote has the same weight, so a special order is useless.
    4. It's not allowed to vote for your own tracks. If a author votes for his track it will be ignored. But the other tracks of the vote, which doesn't break this rule count. Of course not more than five tracks. On cooperation works all participating authors are affected by this rule.
  5. Results and Prize-giving
    1. The place of a track depends on the number of votes for it. The more often a track was named the higher its position.
    2. Tracks share the same place, if they have the same number of votes. An according number of the following places will be left out.
    3. After the election is over all votes and the summarizing results will be published in the thread.
    4. The top 3 tracks of a election will be given a little award. Receiving one of these awards gives automaticly permission to the author to use it for advertising the winning track (i.e. on websites).
    5. I'll create a track pack with the best tracks of the month. Every track which got at least 2 votes will be included. I ask for permission to include the tracks if I don't have it. Authors can give me a general permission, which allows me to include every track of the author in a future ToM-pack. Of course such an permission can be revoked if somebody changed his mind.
    6. The statistics are a tool to see e.g. how successful a trackmaker is. Every trackmaker with at least one elected track is listed in the statistics. Special rule: When 3 or more persons made one track, the trackmakers are regarded as one group in the statistics. The single trackmaker has no profit of the track's success in ToM.
  6. Annual elections
    1. The annual elections take place at the beginning of every new year. The elections take place at the same time.
    2. The rules 1-5 also apply to the annual elections, if they are not mentioned differently in this part of the rules.
    3. The elections last three weeks and begin with a thread in the tracks forum.
    4. Track of the Year (ToY)
      1. Every track that was nominateable in any ToM Election of the year, according to rule 1, is electable in the ToY election.
      2. Every voter can vote up to 10 tracks.
      3. The results of the ToM elections of the year can help voters to make their decision.
      4. Every elected track will be taken into the trackpack.
    5. Pack of the Year (PoY)
      1. In PoY you can vote for every trackpack that was published in the year in question (UTC)
        Some tracks are excluded. Rules for exclusion are:
        1. The trackpack contains only variations of one track. (see also rule 1.a.c)
        2. The tracks contained have nothing to do with each-other. E.g. if someone posts a collection of all his old tracks.
        3. In unclear cases, the forum community discusses and decides democratically whether the trackpack is eligible.
        Exception: Trackpacks which are just track collections (= the single tracks have no or few similarities) are excluded.
      2. Every voter can vote up to 3 trackpacks.
      3. There is a nomination thread, containing a list of eligible trackpacks.
Last Update: 2014-03-09