Special Event

Track of the Month proudly presents:

Aeon's Circuit and Oval Track Design Competition

With this track design competition ToM hosts its first special event. It's a track making competition initialised by Aeon and supported by ToM. The aim is to design and build the best oval/roadcourse combination of all participants.


  1. Participants have to build a track consisting of an oval and a road course. You can have more than one road course if you want, since this is your complex, but an oval and a road circuit are the minimum.
  2. The track has to be fantasy, not based on a real-life track somewhere.
  3. The road course(s) has to run through the oval at some point, and the pits have to be accessible from both the oval and the road course.
  4. Participants have to release their work in the track section of the official GR forums and have to add "Circuit and Oval Design Competition" as keyword or better keyphrase in their post.

As special reward GRASCAR official SirRally announced to consider most likely any ovals made for this competition for GRASCAR's Season 4, probably GeneRally's most successful driving competition series.

Due date for track submission: September 12th, 2004; 5:00 GMT (1:00 EST). Voting will take place the following week in a simular way to the common ToM-voting system. More informations about this will released later.

Here are three examples for inspiration: Derryring [offline], Inova City, Sornia [offline]

For any further questions or latest hints visit the competition thread in the forums.