About ToM

The Track of the Month award

The official forum of GeneRally sees every month lots and lots of tracks and it is hard to keep the overview if you are not a daily visitor. This circumstance was the reason to create an award, which directs the focus of interest to the best tracks. And the idea is really simple: Every track is reviewed by at least one member of the community and ToM is the point, which collects with help of all members all the good tracks and finally decorates the best works with an award. Thus everyone benefits form this. The consumers can easily find the best works and good tracks, which could only created with lots of care get the attention they deserve. And as a nice tiny side effect ToM is a small inducement for all authors to exert a little bit more on their tracks and thus raise the average quality of tracks in the forums. Now as I am writing this article I can definitively say, that the forum sees better tracks nowadays than two years ago when Track of the Month came into life. I don't want to say that ToM is to be blamed for this - but on the other side: who can prove the opposite? ;)

The ToM trophy

Now you want surely know how you can recognise ToM awarded tracks. To have a nice and easily recogniseable badge I called for proposals in the forums - as I like it to do when it comes to our everybodies concern. There were a good amount of concepts but the community liked Druid_Riven's best and it became the first and original ToM award. Here you can see it.

This nice piece was given the next 18 month. After this time the management changed and Aeon refurbished the award. And he did it really well. Maintaining the old shape and thus keeping a high level of recognising he put the medal on a new level of glamour.

These are the two versions of the award which were used until now. Wherever you see it you will find at least one high quality GeneRally track. So watch out for it.

The election procedure

There's no easy way to receive such a badge. First step was and will always be to built a superb GeneRally track with lots of care and patience. This result of hard work has to be published in the official GeneRally forums at Race Sim Central. All the members there can now review it and when they think it's a good one they'll nominate it for the next election. Shortly after the actual month ended the new election will start. Now every member is invited to participate by chosing his top 3 of the month and send it to the ToM manager. He will sum up all given votes and the track with the most calls will be the new Track of the Month. There are a few more things to mind. All of them you can find in the rules section. Don't hasitate anymore. Read them and take part the next time!

July 2005

General Informations

What's GeneRally?

GeneRally is a great, small racing game created by Hannu und Jukka Räbinä It's for one to six players - human or computer opponents. Because it's widely customisable, there is a large ressource of tracks, cars and championships you can take part, but also invites you to realise your own visions.
What do you read here any longer? Get it!

What's Track of the Month?

Track of the month is a monthly election of the international GeneRally forum. As the name says the election tries to find the best of all the tracks which appear in the forum every month. Every member is invited to take part.

How can I take part?

The election takes place at the beginning of every month. To cast your vote just send a private message (PM) to Buka in the forums.

To make it easier to vote, there is a list of nominations of each month. These nominations were nominated by people in the GR forum. Also you can nominate. To do so write a post in the thread which is called "ToM January" for example. This thread is stickied in the tracks forum. The post should include the track name, the author and the link to the thread.

The nominations will be posted on the Nominees-Page.

Further informations

For further informations read the rules or ask in the Discussion Thread of the forums.