19th August 2009 Track of the Year 2008

Finally, the results of the Track of the Year 2008 election, which was part of the ToM Annual Elections.

1) Villa Alpina by DiSi! (8 votes)
2) Chilly Peak Ski Resort by Garbre (5 votes)
3) Estrada de Los MasiƱos by AleksiNir and DiSi! (4 votes)

This was the podium. Please take a look at the full result.

Artwork tracks had a big succes in this election. Big congrats to DiSi! who earned the crest with Gold and Bronze! Congratulations to Garbre and AleksiNir!

Thank you very much to the 15 voters! Although that's less than half than the ToY 2007 election.. I'm happy about suggestions for improvement.

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