29th May 2014 ToM April results online

1) Rontemey by Dragon - Forum thread
2) Pau-Arnos by Maciej1 - Forum thread
3) Dusty by david999 - Forum thread
3) Sepang by Areen - Forum thread
3) Termas de Rio Hondo by AeroWiewiur - Forum thread
3) Yahuarcocha by Maciej1 - Forum thread

detailed results

So close results, so crowded podium.

Although the month was dominated by rwl releases, the winner is Rontemey, a cute little oval by Dragon! It's 1st ToM for a fictional oval track since April 2006. Well done!

Second place goes to one of Maciej1's April releases (4 elected tracks and 28 votes overall this month), to rural circuit Pau-Arnos. One vote behind a whole quartet of tracks in a tie occupies 3rd spot of podium, among them Dusty by david999, who scored first ToM podium ever. Congratulations, guys!

Many thanks to every each one of 23 voters!

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