17th February 2006 ToM January Election ends

The ToM January results are now posted, you can find them here.

I'm again very happy about the result. 18 people voted, but the number of elected tracks was pretty small - 12. This small number leaded to a very clear result. You can see that also very nice in the ToM statistics; this election is the new election with the strongest podium - 60 % of the votes were votes for podium tracks:

1) Porto Pollo by Markus Möller (13 votes)
2) Circuito do Estoril by Crowella (10 votes)
3) Monkton by Mikey B (6 votes)

BTW they all have got a Track Master award ;-)

All other tracks got 4, 3, 2 or 1 vote(s).
Congrats to everyone whos track got elected!

Special congrats to Markus Möller, who is now the most popular winner and the winner with most votes. Also these statistics you can find here

A track of records, isn't it?

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