17th December 2006 ToM November / new Nomination Poster: Raska

Now the results of ToM November are online. The podium tracks are clear as there's a big gap between podium tracks and the others: 8 votes and 3 votes. BTW there are only 12 elected tracks and only 16 voters this month.
Nevertheless, congrats to Crowella, Qurpiz, Jimmy and Black Rebel who reached the podium. :-)

1) Stockholm by Crowella - Forum thread
2) Sin City by -Jimmy- - Forum thread
3) Laguna Seca by Black Rebel - Forum thread
3) Oswald State Raceway by Qurpiz - Forum thread

detailed results

I'd like to introduce Raska as the new Nomination Poster. At this point I want to say many many thanks to Kory Miller who was before Raska.

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