13rd March 2007 February election ended / ToM compo soon

Once again a ToM election ended:

1) Hohenlohe by Gr8player - Forum thread
2) Burkewood by Flaming_Wuzzle - Forum thread
2) Interlagos by Black Rebel - Forum thread

detailed results

Congrats to everyone! I've heard it from many guys: the choice was hard. Can I say that's a problem? No, of course not! LOL. It's great to have many good tracks, but it's more difficult to win an election.

By the way, Raska and me are planning a ToM racing competition on (probably) one track out of each ToM pack from 2006 - all in all 12 tracks. We will give more information soon: in the competition forum and on the homepage.

Another thing: for those who haven't noticed it yet, there is now a RSS newsfeed for the ToM news. This newsfeed can also be used as a reminder for ToM elections, as I add news at the beginning of each election (from now on). I hope that some guys will use this. :-)

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