14th July 2007 ToM June results online

The ToM June election has ended.

1) Mugello by MiltonDuPont - Forum thread
2) Monaco by Gábor Kozma - Forum thread
3) Fort Myers by future design - Forum thread

detailed results

Congratulationss to everyone! The "special congrats" this time go to MiltonDuPont, because he finally won an election after 23 elected tracks with 89 votes altogether! Also congrats to Reckdal, Westheim, allanoretado, chak, tkrasinger and 0_Ferrari_0 who got a track in the ToM pack for their first time.
And finally, thanks to all 22 voters. This number is not that big as last month (26), but it's good nevertheless. If you need a reminder to vote, then just subscribe the ToM Newsfeed, which you find under the menu in the ToM page.

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