13rd August 2007 ToM July / 4th Anniversary

Hello everyone. Many voters said that it was a very hard choice this month, but I must say the result is really great, because there are 6 tracks for the first 6 places, thanks to the 25 voters! Thank you everyone, and congrats to the successful trackmakers!

1) Circuitpark Zandvoort by Ben797 - Forum thread
2) Eastern Creek by Black Rebel - Forum thread
3) Cleveland by AndHu - Forum thread

detailed results

And now there's a thing I forgot to say last month:

Happy 4th Birthday, Track of the Month!

Yes, it's true: ToM exists already 4 years, thanks to the founder LWing, who sadly isn't active in this forum anymore, and unfortunately I can't reach him by email. But of course he did a good thing when he has founded ToM in 2003. ;-)

This year the "special event" to celebrate the anniversary is already over: The ToM Competition, organized by Raska. It was a very successful event and we will probably repeat this event more often. Many thanks to Raska for organizing this compo, and of course thanks for his work as the nomination-poster! He is a really great mate! :-)

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