30th August 2008 ToM July 2008

1) Vallen Ring by DiSi! - Forum thread
2) Kyzio by Pahkasika - Forum thread
2) Phormeta by AleksiNir - Forum thread

detailed results

Dear GR community,

I wonder if you've noticed it, but I've overslept to say: Happy 5th Birtday ToM !!!
The Track of the Month project was started by LWing in July 2003. After 1.5 years, I took over his job as the ToM manager. I'm happy that ToM is still alive :-)

This election, there were 30 voters. Many thanks to them - the result is great! But maybe it's little bit unfair, as only tracks with at least 5 votes got it into the trackpack. IMO we should also discuss about the number of votes in the Forums.

Anyway, congrats to all successors - special congrats to Paw_PL and Bouncebackability who have now their first bigger success in ToM !


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